Become a Delegate

The programme provides a unique, meaningful opportunity for both educational and career development. Delegates learn from Canada’s leading experts in natural resource development and engage in a collaborative dialogue with their peers, as well as network with representatives and employers from all of the stakeholder groups in relevant fields.

You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Develop skills and cross-sectoral relationships required to contribute to a practical framework for the development and implementation of a new conversation on natural resource development to the benefit of all stakeholders.
  • Develop your skills as leaders, negotiators, and decision-makers by participating in a Multi-Sectoral Stakeholder Simulation
  • Listen to Keynote Speakers and Experts in Natural Resources conversation in Canada
  • Expand your network through our networking events
  • Speak with leading experts for possible career opportunities
  • Participate in our Op-Ed Competition with Cash Prizes and published article in the Globe and Mail

The programme accepts a maximum of 20 leaders to participate in each simulation.

APPLY NOW for The New Diplomacy of Natural Resources at: