Forum Details

The New Diplomacy of Natural Resources 2017 will take place in Calgary, Montreal, Sudbury and Vancouver.

  • More than 30% of the delegates from our inaugural iteration in 2012 were recruited by our partners
  • Speakers from Fortune 500 companies
  • Opportunity to debate with like minded individuals

How the Forum Works

The New Diplomacy of Natural Resources is a 1-day stakeholder simulation.  Upon registration, delegates will be assigned a position within 4 stakeholder groups; Private Sector, Environmental Groups, Government or Aboriginal Groups

Stakeholder Breakout Session:

The first set of breakout sessions will be devoted to internal dialogue among members of each homogenous stakeholder group. The goal of this session is to establish key priorities for the afternoon’s negotiations. Working with a Subject-Matter Expert specially invited by UNA-Canada, each Stakeholder Group will establish a list of priorities. Each group will be required to create a 10-minute presentation for the morning plenary that outlines their priorities.

Plenary Session:

The morning plenary session will be an opportunity for each stakeholder group to present and defend their key priorities. Each group will have 10 minutes to present their position, and highlight key issue areas that require further collective discussion.

Tiger Team Breakout Sessions

Tiger Team breakout sessions in the afternoon will provide an opportunity to examine key issues that arose during the morning plenary session in more detail. Delegates are assigned to multi-stakeholder Tiger Teams by the Forum staff.

Goal: To start a draft of the Negotiated Statement of Principles.

Final Plenary Session

The goal of the Final Plenary is to formalize a Negotiated Statement of Principles. Taking into account the work of the Tiger Team Breakout Sessions, the plenary will discuss, negotiate and articulate principles to guide progress in the development and management of Canada’s natural resource industries.

Negotiated Statement of Principles

The goal of each Forum is to provide a comprehensive, inclusive, and detailed decision identifying the key issues and resolutions available for various challenges faced by sectors involved in natural resources.

The  Statement negotiated in the most recent Forum (on January 26th in Edmonton) can be found here.